Thursday, 8 August 2013

Collective Haul | Priceline, Sportsgirl, Chemist Warehouse, Online Purcases, etc.

So I had the day off work and Uni, and decided to head to town to buy some basic items and also use my Priceline rewards voucher.

But as usual, that never goes to plan.


My main reason to go to town was that I needed a new pair of flats, as one of mine is a bit worn out and you can never have enough flats.
It took me a few shops to find a pair that I liked, because I'm super picky with anything fashion related. This blog will definitely be more beauty than fashion, I can tell you now.

I wont bore you with the socks and underwear items I picked up yesterday, also I feel that's rather awkward to show, but I ended up getting the shoes from Trade Secret for $4 (Bargain!).
I also picked up a pair of knickers and a bra from Trade Secret, the latter I need to return as it was tagged wrong >.<
The bag I got is from Cotton On, on special for $10 with any purchase
I picked up 5 knickers for $30 to get the deal :D

Rubi Shoes/Cotton On, Pure Hype

I also went to Priceline, as I had an embarrassingly big payback voucher from Priceline, I was going to save it for when I'm in Sydney for IMATS (I am BEYOND excited), but Olay has recently brought out a new "Specialty Cleanser".
I've wanted the Clarisonic for a long time, as this is currently at an introductory price so I thought why not.
I also picked up a 2 pack of replacement heads which were also at an introductory price (saving a whole $1, yay? The actual cleanser was $3.50 off but my voucher paid for it so still pretty good savings), I also picked up a facial exfoliator from Models Prefer, as they are currently having a half of sale for cleansers.

Olay, ModelsPrefer

I don't know much about this cleanser yet, it did come with a 20ml sample of the Skin Renewal Cleanser, but I'm assuming it will be ok to use with other cleansers in the future.


I almost forgot to go to Sportsgirl, I have been wanting the Glitter Envy Nail Polish for a while, after seeing Kat from Kitsch Snitch rave about it for weeks.
It's more beautiful in person and I may do a review on it soon. :D

I also picked up a new Lip Jam, I'm obsessed with these! I currently have 8 and that's probably way too many but they smell so delicious! They're only $5.95c, which is pretty decent for a 16g pot of Lip Balm. <3<3<3

I was also intrigued by the Nail Sprinkles, as I do like nail art and I got into a small conversation with the lovely sales assistant about them.
I love orange everything at the moment, so of course I chose the orange pot, can't wait to use it!
(If I can sit still long enough)


These next two items are online purchases/swaps.

The Face of Australia Nail Pastel Nail Polish I received in a swap (I swapped a Mascara), I haven't used it yet but it's a super pretty colour.
I don't why why I ever overlooked the polishes when they were around originally.

The Eyeliner I picked up off eBay, I had previously received a lipstick from Styli-Style, and was interested in trying other products from the brand. 
I chose blue as I'm into non traditional coloured eyeliner's at the moment.
However it doesn't give a highly pigmented pay off and feels scratchy, which is a bit concerning.

Face of Australia, Styli-Style

Next was Chemist Warehouse, not super exciting, they do have awesome sales I just don't really need anything (shocking, I know).
I love this brand, and my inner extreme couponer couldn't go past the $5 cash back offer.
Unfortunately the survey was over and I didn't get my $5 back.... boo.


My local pharmacy has quite a good selection of random beauty items, and I have been lusting after the Glasshouse Fragrances Marseille Gardenia Hand Cream after receiving a sample of it in one of my Lust Have It boxes months ago.

They do sell Glasshouse Fragrances in my town, but the full sized hand cream was $25, which is a bit pricey for a hand cream, one day my love one day...

In the meantime, the pharmacy close to my house (the name escapes me), stocks another brand called The Body Collection, which makes pretty similar products to both Glasshouse and The Body Shop.

I contemplated buying the hand cream from The Body Collection as it was $9.95c for pretty much the same thing.
I literally stood there for about 5 minutes, going back and forth between this $13.95c pack which included the and cream and a soap bar (I'm not a fan of soap but I can keep it for display purposes), or the other pack, which was $14.95c but included a Bath and Shower Gel, and a Hand & Body Lotion.
I didn't know if the Hand & Body lotion was the same as the normal Hand Cream, as they have different ingredients, but I do prefer body wash over soaps.

I did end up going for the first pack, as I just want the Hand Cream and not a body cream, but I may pick up the second pack in the future.

Besides the packaging is just so pretty!

Gardenias are now my new favourite flower <3

The Body Collection
Gardenia Bloom

My next purchase could be a little bit controversial, and possibly naughty, as I bought these from one of those discount cosmetic shops that has opened up recently in my local town.


I love the brand ModelCo, 90% of their products I do actually buy off their actual website, the rest I either get from Priceline or Myer.

I was however walking past yesterday and noticed that this store now stocks ModelCo, which I thought was a bit worrying.

I went into the store and had a look, and sure enough they have quite a few sets, including the Danni Minogue colour set (which I already have).

I did buy the lipstick duo shown below, selling for $6. (ModelCo is a rather high end brand)
I have never seen the LipDuos sold individually, nor have I seen one in orange, so I picked it up purely out of interest.

There is no sticker showing the lipstick name/colour on the base of the product, all I saw indicating any form of name was the word Grace.
Which I have not been able to find elsewhere.

I do want to point out that these kinds of stores are technically legal, and called "Grey Market" or "Parallel Import" stores, kind of like The Reject Shop.
But this store is not an official stockist, so it can be quite risky buying from these places, as you don't know how old the product is, or where it's from.
I've also seen MAC and Benefit for sale there so they could very well be fakes as well.

I have brought this to the attention of ModelCo via email (they gave me a coupon code too, as they know that I'm a loyal customer :P), and they said they will look into the matter, but I don't really know much else.

They mostly sell American brands you wouldn't normally find in Australia, so out of interest I picked up some Jordana lip pencils.

Some products I wouldn't go near, as they look super old and you can tell. 
They even have Mary-Kate and Ashley Cosmetics (I didn't know they had a line?)
I would be wary of these places and just steer clear, but really I don't know if it's a legitimate store or if something else is going on :/

ModelCo, Jordana.

With love,

Rik xx


  1. The Gardenia one should smell nice :]

    1. lol thanks mum.
      It smells amazing, I'm worried I'll get sick of it or it'll make me ill.

  2. Review on Clarisonic please!

    Check out this website for some guidance on writing good blog posts

    Otherwise the content is clear, concise and interesting especially the personal anecdotes stories. Spelling and punctuation is correct. You could guest post on other blogs or ask some favourite beauty guru's from youtube for a review of your blog or a plug!

    Keep the awesome posts coming!!

    1. Oh thank you! that's so nice of you :D
      I will have to check that out.

      I don't have the Clarisonic, just the Olay one, but I'm waiting a full month until I make a review :)

      Thank you for your comment I really appreciate it!

      Thank you for reading xx