Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Clearance Junkie Confessions | Collective Haul | iHerb, Coles, Priceline, Big W etc,.

I don't know what it is about my local town, like if it's bad economy or what but I seem to find the best stuff, on clearance mostly, all the time.

This on top of the awesome sales places like Big W and Priceline have, it's crazy!

And my mate has brought the term "clearance junkie" to my attention.
This is a scarily accurate term for what I do.
That and "Goo Hoarding", thank you Jenna Marbles.

I'll start with the more normal purchases I made the last few days.


I mentioned these in a post below, and received them today, hooray for fast shipping!
I finally have a set of Real Techniques brushes, I hear so much about them, finally made the jump.

I made the mistake of trying to clean my room and quickly checking to see if I had any mail :P
These got here pretty fast, I ordered them last Wednesday or Tuesday.

Via Instagram

They're really soft! I love dual fibre brushes, they just do that much better of a job of blending in things like foundation, although admittingly I have only used the E.L.F Cosmetics dual fibre stippling brushes so far, but I do love them dearly :D

If you are interested in either the Real Techniques brushes or just iHerb.com, click the link above and check it out :P
(I have a unique referral code: BTN231
Gets you $10 off your first purchase of $40 and over, or $5 for an order below $40
Best deal on top of already decent priced brushes!)

They also included a free Lip Balm with my order, I chose Vanilla one :)
And they randomly also included a friggin cool stylus, I know that's a bit lame but look at it!
It plugs into your headphone socket for easy storage
(but seems a bit annoying at the same time)
Aaaaand I realised after fiddling with it, the top unscrews revealing a pen!

I'm too easily amused... I need sleep.

This particular purchase I was both proud of and worried about, as I said above, because my local Coles have a huge basket at the front of the store with hundreds of the new CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polishes, all for $2.50c each.

Maybe they didn't sell as well?

Eitherway, I picked up 6, because why not, you can never have enough nail polishes :P
Will include colours later today.

NOTE: Will include colours later today

Smallest purchase at Priceline I have made in a while, they need a Priceline Anonymous...

Essence Lip Base, Loreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow, Models Prefer Thirst Stop Mask.

Loreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow

Essence Lip Base: This looked interesting, it's meant to be used for pigments but I might look it up and see if it's any good for prolonging my lipstick I seem to eat/talk off.

Loreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow: This is the most bizarre Lipstick/gloss I have ever seen! It's see through??
It's supposed to change the PH on your lips and actually change the colour of your lips?

"Holy shit I need that, science" - Jenna Marbles

I need to look it up and have a proper look, but it seems like it's a discontinued product, so I'm not sure how good it will be.

Models Prefer Thirst Stop Mask: Models Prefer is currently having a half off BB Creams and Cleansers atm, so I thought why not, can never have enough masks?

Also from Coles:

Swisse is currently reduced to clear/on clearance at my local Coles and also my local chemist.
I'm quite concerned, as has anyone noticed that a lot of the great full sized products in our Beauty Boxes are then discontinued?
The Toni & Guy Hair Glue we got in the June Box that we were estatic over was subsequently discountinued in both of my local Safeways and also Coles, but not Big W.

The plot thickens.

Swisse Body Scrub ($3.50c???)

Big W currently has a $4 off sale for both Rimmel and Maybelline, no idea how long for, as it doesn't say it on the tags
But I love these! I have the regular non metal ones, and had to have them :)
And for $7.50(ish), whew!

Barely Branded, Silver Strike
Maybelline Colour Tattoos Metal

I'm also a gun at finding the weirdest shit:
See: disposable toothbrush
Well, Alrighty then.

Also picked up some purple mascara from BYS at (ugh) a variety store.
I love my weird shit though, and those shops are the bomb.

Just realised it looks bent at the top.
Good quality.

Also received some free samples in the mail.

Libra was having a free sample offer for the Hotties.
We got these in the July Bellabox as well, it always worries me when we receive free samples in our boxes at the same time we can get them for free through other means.

The Clear Shampoo and Conditioner pissed me off, as it took up most of my July Bellabox, and in that packaging is a link to enter a competition, through which you then get another sample set of the shampoo and conditioner... I would have preferred to just get a flyer for the competition, and received a sample for a product I would have loved more, as I already use this brand, and it's cheap.
Come on Bellabox.

Libra Hotties

Clear Shampoo and Conditioner

Don't get me wrong, I love Lust Have It and Bellabox, just sometimes I get disillusioned by things like receiving things that have either been out of date (BellaBox - Streetstar Gloss), or what currently seems to be discontinued (or might just be new packaging?).

It could just be my town, I'm not too sure.

Regardless, cheap stuff, yay!!

With love, 

Rik xx


  1. lol it took me ages to find the comment section!
    Anyways I am a clearance junkie to that is the best part of shopping. Why would you pay full price for cosmetics when you can get them for cheap. As for lipstick that lasts try the 24 hour Revlon double ended lipstick reviews on You tube were good!

    1. Really? Oh no :( I might have to look at my layout, see if it needs improving.

      Oh Gosh, it's so addictive haha especially with Australian prices!! Thank goodness for Priceline and Chemist Warehouse!

      I think I have that one, will have a play round with it :)
      There's also the ModelCo Party Proof Lipsticks, have you tried those?

  2. Nah I haven't tried any long wear lipsticks as yet as I am a little worried about my bank account cos they be pricey and second I'm pretty sure you need to buy special oil based makeup remover just to get them off. As that is what the YouTube guru's say. One day when I get the courage I might!