Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Collective Haul - Chemist Warehouse, Cotton On, Yoox

So I went shopping today with the intention of purchasing this gorgeous and incredibly soft Cardigan from Yoox, a clothing store I'm only new to.
I believe it's only located in Lavington, Yarrawonga and Benella.

Aand of course I had to get a few more things :P

First is the cardigan:

But first, Llama take a selfie
My eyes look uneven, I have no idea why
It was $60, and I had been eyeing it off for weeks, I went in today finally getting it, and I freaked out because I thought they had sold out.
Buy yay! it was hidden on another rack, it's a M/L which luckily is my size.

It's soo soft :D

After getting my beloved cardigan, I got a coffee from Maccas (and managed to spill it down my front, my shirt is currently in the wash with a TONNE of Napisan.. sigh), I headed off for main town Albury to do some more shopping :D

Chemist Warehouse are currently having a half off cosmetics sale, so of course I had to have a look see.
Anyone else's hand end up like this?

Elf Eyeshadow from K-Mart

I managed to stop myself from buying too much, I went to get two Revlon Colorburst Matt Balms but decided against it.

Oddly enough, the ModelCo Glow Baby Glow set was only $5.99 , down from $19.99, which worries me as to how the brand is going these days haha.

I mainly got the set for the bronzer, I will be chucking the Lipglosses on eBay, as I already have them and so many in general.
I bought the Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon, I've been eyeing it for weeks, and also picked up a Rimmel London Kate Moss matte lipstick in 106, it's a beautiful hot pink colour.

Top: Rimmel 106
Bottom: Wild Watermelon

My hands a bit stained from all the swatching from above. Oopsy.

As shown above I also went to K-Mart as I needed a belt (not pictured), I don't know where I put all of my belts, but my jeans were falling down all day, not a good look.
While I was there I picked up some new phone screen protectors, the Elf Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Soiree, one thing I hate about being in Australia is that they came in at $8 each :(

With love,

Rik xx

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I'm Baaack | BellaBox May 2014

So I haven't posted since October 2013, due to personal issues (Stress due to Uni/Exams, the break up of my relationship), and mainly laziness, I've mainly stuck to Instagram in the meantime.

I won't delve too much into why I haven't posted in a while, but I will try to post more as I really do enjoy being in the blogger world :D
(My last post was about my eBay store, which is now a fully fledged 'store', so please have a look!
There are more items to be listed, but eBay has a selling limit, so I will make a separate post about those items)


First things first, this months BellaBox, which is kicking Lust Have Its bootay!
I'm expecting my May LHI box in June ;);)

The Recycling
Via: Instagram

1. Appelles Rosemary Body Bar 100g RRP $5.95c - Full Size
Travel isn't always possible - which is when you should make your own home feel like a luxury hotel! Easy with stunning scented soaps, like this bb fave from Appelles that hydrates skin.

I could smell this upon opening the box, I LOVE the scent, smells just like the Romy body wash I received in a past box. I also received this same exact soap in my Lust Have It box for this month.
However I'm not a fan of body bars/soaps, so I will pass this on to my eBay store, once I can list more items :P

2. Chapstick Lip Conditioner 4.2g RRP $3.99 - Full Size
Moisturises, soothes and prevents, dry chapped lips, wherever you are! SPF15 high protection sunscreen helps to protect.

For some reason this smells like my childhood, much like this other lip balm I own that smells like Goosebumps books? I have no idea how that works but definitely a useful thing to receive seeing as it's winter!
Although I own way too many lip balms...

3. Timeless Truth Face Mask 30ml RRP $8 - Full Size?
These Timeless Truth masks are the perfect remedy for travel, replenishing and restoring life back into your skin when you're on the move. With a mask to match every skin need, they are an essential go to product.

I've received the Caviar Nourishing Mask, this is anti ageing, and I'm only 22 but I guess it's not too early for me to start thinking about my skin :P
However masks scare me as I can potentially have an allergic reaction to them.
4. Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner 480ml RRP $34.99 - 60ml Sample Received. ($4.37c)
Designed to hydrate and replenish hair without stripping it's natural oils. providing added moisture, strength and sheen.

I've recently cut most of my hair off, and have shaved the sides of my head (I currently have a mohawk :O), so I'm annoyed at receiving a decent sized sample, but in a sachet >.< #deathtosachets.
I am interested in this product as I use quite a bit of styling product and could use something that wont strip my hair.
Included in the box was an offer through Wen by Chaz Dean, to receive a 30 Day Deluxe Kit for $29.99, a $10 saving, plus free shipping.
If I do like this product I will purchase this kit, as I've heard this is a fantastic product, but I am annoyed that if you read the fine print: "By ordering Chaz Dean Wen Regular Deluxe Kit, I understand I am requesting that I receive a fresh new supply of Chaz Dean Wen every 90 days at the current low price of just $49.99 per month plus $12.99 Postage and handling.
Now, you can cancel this with a phone call, but the fact that this is an automatic thing and not a once off offer, I find this a bit annoying.
Not just because I have very little hair and wouldn't need a new set for a while, but because I find this a bit sneaky and hate when companies do this (I am a Marketing student but I refuse to be misleading or shady).
I will review this once I've finished my sample.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel - Clear 7.93g RRP $39 - 2.5ml Sample Received ($12.30)
This Best-selling formula from the streets of celeb-ville tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. Fortified with rich botanical conditioners and essential oils, it can be worn alone or layered over brow powders or pencils.

I was excited to receive this! I did look at the sneak picks and was hoping for either this or the Max Factor eyeliners. I have rather thick eyebrows, I call them my John Howards (If you're Australian you'll get it), so this will definitely come in handy once I use up my one from Ardell.
6./BONUS: Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF30+ - Light 50g RRP $32 - 5g Sample Received ($3.20)
This doesn't have any information on the card.

This will be interesting to use, as although it is light I'm worried it may be too dark for me, again received in the dreaded sachet.

Total Box Value (Includes the Bonus item): $37.80c

Overall I am happy with the box, I can use most of the items or at least sell them, my only issue, besides the dodgy offer, is my little nitpick with the value of the box, they advertise it as being $60+ when usually its around $40-50, this month being under $40. Even still, I am getting my moneys worth, as it is only $15 per month.

More recycling
Does this confuse anyone else? Is this a competition?

If you are interested in joining Bellabox, please click here and check it out :)

With Love,

Rik x