Wednesday, 2 October 2013

(Mini) ELF Haul!

So this is a rather sad haul, not only is it a relatively small haul, it is also my last from USA Shopping Affair :(

This means that I will no longer be able to buy from America, that is until I can find another service that will allow me to buy from America (sneaky me!)

It appears that the company has gone bust, and will no longer operate.

And just as I get into MAC and want to purchase from MAC America :(


The first two things I got were the new Prism Eyeshadow pallets, which are a cream to powder formulation.
I got Smoke and Sunset


They feel really nice and are easily blend-able :D

I also got a 10 pack of the new Make Up Remover Exfoliating Cleansing Clothes.

I'm obsessed with wipes, and since they were having half off, I thought why not :D

NOTE: the exfoliating side seems a bit rough, but for USD$1.50 (sale price), I'm not too worried :)
NOTE: They were insanely good to wipe of the above swatches and just my hands in general :D

The second last item is the new HD Lifting Concealer in Balancing, which is a light purple colour, meant to conceal the dark circles under the eyes.


Lastly I got the ELF Brightening Eye Colour quad in 2007 Drama
Not too exciting, this was thrown in for free when I referred three email addresses :P
I'll chuck this in my "to sell" baskets for eBay x

So that's everything!
Hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Also, does anyone know of a reputable website I can use to buy from America online?
I know it's bad but everything in Australia is ridiculously expensive.
Even ELF is at least twice as much as America :/

With love,

Rik xx

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