Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bellabox | September 2013

So this month has been a bit crazy for me!
Went to imats for the first time (post/haul will be up soon!) and received four beauty boxes this month, I have way too many blogs I need to. Write and haven't found time to write up/post :(

But without further ado, here is my post for Bellabox for September!


This month was a jaw dropper! Bellabox seems to kick Lust Have Its bootay most months, and this month was no exception!

I believe his month was a collaboration with Cleo magazine, which is why we were given a Cleo magazine with our box!
It also might be why we received the box a little late this month (boo!)

This month we didn't receive the normal Bellabox outer box, as there was so much stuff only about two of the things were packaged in the actual Bellabox and the rest were in a bubble wrap bag, I guess this was also to accommodate the larger package due to the Cleo magazine.

For those not familiar with Bellabox, or are thinking of joining, it is a monthly beauty subscription service costing $15 per month, and you normally get 5 deluxe samples of beauty and skincare items, but some months you can get up to 8, and there's usually a surprise full sized item :D

If you would like to join, you can join here xo


Anyway, enough talking!
Let's get into it:

Super exciting pieces of paper!

Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Mask RRP $3.99 10ml
We received this brand in Junes box, whichever as also insanely packed!
I don't mind receiving this again as it's a different mask.
This is also the only item that isn't full sized :O
Sample sized received: 5g ~ $2

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps - Bling Candy Drops RRP $8.99
I'm so happy I got these! Others got a tie die patterned one, but I'm more likely to wear these ones :D
I just wish I had more places to wear them :(
Damn you hospitality.
Full Sized Received

Schick Hydro Silk Razor RRP $9.99
Not sure how I feel about getting this one as I'm one of those weirdos that uses men's razors.
Women's razors just don't do it as well :/
Regardless, this seems pretty cool! And I'll be happy to give it a go :D
Full Sized (1 razor and one cartridge received) received
Among the usual jargon we usually receive in our boxes, we also got a coupon for 25% off the refill cartridge, which I think is pretty neat :D

Manicare Glam Kelly Lashes RRP $11.95
As I mentioned in a previous post, I am actually allergic to most glues and usually only brave lashes when needed, so I'm a bit wary of using these.
They do however look nice, but I'm not sure what I want to do with these ATM.
Full Sizes Received.

Footcare Gel Ball of Foot Cushions RRP $8.99
These seem oddly named, but definitely needed! Thanks Bellabox :D
Full sized received.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Brozner Spray RRP $14.95
This is probably the only thing from the box I won't be using, as I don't really tan and I have a heap of tanning stuff from ModelCo I need to get through if I do happen to tan.
I will be putting this on my eBay store here.
Full Sized Received.

ASAP Pure Mineral Eye Pencil - Brown
I don't have many brown eyeliners, so this could be a nice change.
I don't seem a bit hard at first, but does soften up a bit when using.
It doesn't look brown though, it's more of a charcoal grey.
Full Sized Received

Bonus Item: Cleo Magazine RRP $6.95
I do like getting Cleo every now and then! It's a good read, we did also get an email regarding a special offer on an annual subscription and a free Kora by Miranda Kerr gift set.
Unfortunately I'm a bit poor ATM so I won't be getting it. :(

Total Value: $83.82

So this months box was crazy good value!
I loved nearly everything in is months box, and look forward to next months!


Also, I'm selling a heap of make up items on eBay.
just trying to recuperate some funds after my super fun times in Sydney at IMATS. :P

With love,

Rik xx

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