Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lust Have It | September 2013 (x 3?)

So this was an interesting month for me, I went to IMATs for the first time, (it was AMAZING), and managed to receive four beauty boxes...?

I went downstairs to check my mail (as per usual) and saw that I had two boxes waiting for me on the stairs, this confused me a little as I had received one last week and although I had used the coupon code (MISSYOU09) to get a second box at half price, I didn't expect a third box?

As I was writing this up, I had received an email from Stef, and it turns out that I had three monthly boxes going, but I appear to have only paid for the two?
I'm still confused but will just be getting the one box from now on, as well as my Eco Box.


For those that aren't familiar with Lust Have It, it is a monthly beauty subscription that costs $19.95c a month and you get about $50-60 worth of goodies per month, unless it's a really good month, as I've gotten boxes with $100 worth of goodies not including coupons.

This month I managed to receive not one, not two, but three boxes. And I'm still not 100% sure as to why, but I think it might have something to do with my annual subscription starting too early, my normal monthly sub (which I'm attempting to end) and an offer I took up of getting a second box for $9.95c.

I've contacted Lust Have It to see what happened but for now I'm happy to received a few extra goodies :D

In all boxes we received a teaser for next months box, which we will be all receiving a Full Sized Inika Cosmetic.
I don't know much about that particular brand but I hear it's all organic and vegan friendly and all that awesome sauce.
Box 1

Super exciting pieces of paper!


Box 1:

WotNot Natural Organic Facial Wipes RRP $7.95 for a pack of 25
I was super excited to receive these as I have seen these in boxes before and always wanted to try them!
They feel really moisturising on the face and have a light scent, which is good for those (like me) that are sensitive to smells.
Sample sized received: 5 wipes ~ $1.59

Mary Kay Oil Free Make Up Remover RRP $22 110ml
I'm not sure how I feel about receiving Mary Kay in my beauty box as it's one of those mail order brands that just aren't that exciting :/.
It smells ok, but I'm concerned with when you shake it up (it's a dual formula remover) that it doesn't quite separate back very well and looks like an oil spill?
Odd way to describe it, but regardless, looking forward to trying it.
Sample sized received: 29ml ~ $5.78

L'oreal Base Magique Primer RRP $29.95 15ml
I was excited to receive this in a Bellabox last month as loreal is fairly expensive for a drug store brand, and as annoyed as I was receiving a repeat product in a rival box, I'm more than happy to have a second one (and now I have four :P)
Sample Size Received: 5ml ~ $9.98

Loreal Infallible Make Up Liquid Foundation RRP $35.95 30ml
Again, happy to receive loreal, but this is a sachet.
I'm not sure what they expect us to get out of a single use sachet.
Sample Size Received: 1ml ~ $1.19
Death to sachets.

Bioderma Seblum Foaming Gel RRP $29.95 500ml
AND Bioderma Seblum AKN RRP $24.95 30ml
The information card says or, but I seemed to get both. Whew!
I love Bioderma, I'm nearly out of the sample sized moisturiser we get in the June Bellabox and I'm sad to see it go, so I'll be keen to try this new one :)
Sample Sizes Received: 10ml ~ $0.60 5ml ~ $0.83, respectively

Baji Skincare Range
I received the Super Nutri Rescue Eye Serum RRP $39.95 15ml
I'm easily amused by the packaging! It's so fancy :D
My friend who also received the baji serum says it was a bit fiddly and possibly faulty so that's a worry :/
Mine appears to work fine though.
Full Sized Received

Lust Have It! Synthetic Precision Pencil Brush RRP $15
This is cute! We received the Kabuki brush at the start of the year/end of last year, and this is just as soft!
I love synthetic brushes, they are more hygienic and of course cruelty free.
Full Sized Received (obviously :P)

Bonus: TOM Organic Regular Tampons RRP $7.99 for a pack of 16
This is an odd edition, as we had also received this in last months Bellabox.
Yeah, not much to say about it. Haha.
It's a good brand, I do like these tampons, and I very much prefer cotton over rayon (TMI?)
Sample Sized Received: 2 ~ .99c
(But shit, it was 99c!)
(Sorry not sorry)

Total Value: $75.91


Box 2 and 3 (both identical):

2 x WotNot Natural Organic Facial Wipes RRP $7.95 25 Pack
Sample sized received: 5 wipes ~ $1.59 each

2 x Mary Kay Oil Free Make Up Remover RRP $22 110ml
Sample Size Received: 29ml ~ $5.78 each

2 x L'oreal Base Magique Primer RRP $29.95 15ml
Sample Size received: 5ml ~ $9.98 each

2 x L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream RRP $26.95 30ml
Sample Sized Received: 1ml ~ 89c
Seriously, death to sachets.

Karpati Mask (Selection)
I received (four) of the Bio-Cellulose Anti-Age Mask RRP $240 for 6 Masks.
(According to the companies website)
I'm not sure I'm quite at that age to need anti ageing items but I suppose you can't never start too young ;)
As I received two boxes with the masks I have received four masks.
Sample Sizes received: 4 Masks ~ $160 :O

2 x GKMBJ One Minute Treatment RRP $26.95 200ml
I've received this brand before it haven't had the chance to use them yet, but this is a one minute treatment to repair damaged hair, this sounds exactly like what I need in my life.
Sample Sized Received: 30g ~ $4.05 each

2 x Lust Have It! Synthetic Precision Pencil Brush RRP $15 each
Full Sized Received

Bonus: 2 x TOM Organic Regular Tampons RRP $7.99 for a pack of 16
Sample Sized Received: 2 ~ .99c per 2 pack

Total value of both boxes: $236.56 (:O!!!)

So this month was a bit of a let down compared to Bellabox, but that was just with the first box I received, my 2nd and 3rd boxes definitely exceeded my expectations, $40 masks is crazy!

Let me know what you guys think!
I'm pretty happy with this months box, my friends are understandably jealous of my multiple boxes :P

With love,

Rik xx


  1. Such a confusing situation! I wouldn't know what to do with all the double ups! Chuck them in gifts probs hehehe.

    Kate Xx

    1. I'm not sure either! I have a heap in my back ups storage but not sure if I want to chuck them on eBay or keep them ack ups haha I'll see how I go liking the sample sizes first :P xx