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Beginners Guide to Postage | For eBay sellers, Buy Swap and Sellers and Newbies in between.

I've been an eBay seller since about 2009, but only being serious about 2012.
I currently mainly sell items I receive from Beauty boxes, GWP, and Goody Bags, some being unwanted colours from Dollar Cosmetic Club (Which so far I'm trying to avoid, so addictive!).
(You can check out my store here ;))

I've recently joined groups for people who want to Buy, Swap or Sell unwanted items from Beauty boxes (Lust Have It, Bellabox and Violet Box have their own pages, as well as others I'm sure), and unwanted cosmetic items in general, so I thought I'd make a blog post giving people tips on how much to charge on postage and how they can save on postage as well.

The first step is obviously the envelope;
It is best to use padded envelopes, as basic thin envelopes can and will tear and items will get damaged or lost.
You know how rough AusPost is with packages.
(A slightly better option is to use bubble wrap and a lot of tape, but that's up to you)

Buying envelopes in bulk saves time and also money.

Outside of the obvious AusPost bags, which the smallest one is $1.05 (each) and the next size up is $1.10 (each), here are a few I've found:

PPS Size 1 Bubble Mailing Bags 2 Boxes of 25

  • From Officeworks
  • Smooth inner layer allows for easy insertion
  • Water resistant for extra protection of the contents
  • Size 1 bubble mailing bags have an internal size of 151 x 229 mm
  • Peel & seal closure means convenient and hygienic sealing of your mail
  • Packed in a dispenser box for easy access
  • 25 mailing bags per box, 2 boxes per pack
  • 50 bags in total
  • For other sizes please check the Officeworks website (The link is in the title)

    Cost: $22.50 for two boxes

    Works out to be: $0.45c per bag.

    Tudor Paper Bubble Mailers 5pk (Big W)

    151mm x 229mm

    From Big W, they're the same size as the ones from Officeworks.
    Cost: $3
    Work out to be: $0.60c per envelope.

    They cost slightly more than the Officeworks ones, but they're good if you only need a few, you're in a hurry or you only have a Big W in your town.

    The other thing to think about is weight and the actual postage itself.

    I generally deal with items under 500g, so it's as simple as, if its thinner than 2cm (for example, an eyeliner), the postage will be that of a large letter: $1.40, aka two basic 70c stamps (cheaper still if you have a concession card and you're entitled to concession stamps which are 60c each)

    And if it's thicker than 2cm (for example, a mascara or a lipstick) but still under 500g, the postage will be $7.20.

    These also relate to shorter items such as lipsticks and eyeshadows, for longer items such as Tanning lotions, or sending a few items, I've only found it to be cheaper to buy in bulk:

    215mm x 280mm
    Clost: $16.52c
    Work out to be: 66c each
    5 packs still work out to be about $1 each.

    Postage price will depend on the weight.

    Now all you have to do is add up your individual costs and away you go :D

    These tips and tricks relate to what I personally sell, and what I've swapped within the groups, for enquiries on larger/heavier items it's always best to go into an AusPost store and they can give you a quote.
    Otherwise, you can check the online Postage Calculator

    If you have any tips and tricks of your own, please feel free to comment them below xx

    Someone asked about Click and Send.
    I personally don't use it because I actually don't have a printer so it's not applicable to me, but it does save time so you don't have to go to the Post Office if you obviously have a printer at home :P
    If you want to know more you can find more information here.

    *I will point out there is a $1.50c surcharge on my listings, due to the Listing Fee and also the Final Sale Fees eBay charges. (I was losing a fair bit due to this so I need to recoup costs)*

    Love from,
    Sn00z xx

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