Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Massive $250 The Iconic Haul! and how I got it all for free.

I was going to make a post about my LHI bags, but I was having issues with the post and I tried to refresh the page, as I had 'saved' it, only to find that it hadn't actually saved >.<
I'll restart tomorrow, so here's my post about The Iconic instead.


So I've been banking with ING Direct since about mid/late June, as they had a "Join before June 30" type deal, I had a few deals actually.

The first was my Savings Maximiser savings account which is 4.35% (I think it's currently 4%, one of the highest btw)
The second was that I get both 5% cash back (normally its 2%) when I use PayWave under $100 (I hate PayWave, but I like cashback :P) and also I don't pay ATM fees, it gets paid back instantly.
I kind of wonder how this bank actually makes money TBH

The third, which is what this blog post is about, is that as long as I deposit $1000 (so basically my wage) per month into my Orange Everyday account I get a $250 The Iconic Gift Voucher.
I sound like a massive ad, but if you like good deals and a good bank that isn't money hungry, this is the bank for you.

There's one deal on atm where if you join I get $75 and so do you:
(Visit https://www.campaigns.ingdirect.com.au/refer/NED697 to find out how you could get $75 with an Orange Everyday account.)
Same thing, deposit $1000 per month by October 10th and we both get $75!
Always read the fine print, as I'm not sure how many people can claim this, still a good bank eitherway.

I don't think the deal for the The Iconic is still going, which is weird because when I got my voucher code in my email on August 19th, I was told to "tell my friends".
Sah confusing.

I do tend to get sneaky and stick to sale items when I get voucher codes, as I like to get more bang for my buck, even though this isn't my money :P
I only went 66c over the $250 limit, and that came out of my PayPal account, so it basically costed me nothing.
I was going to use the $20 that was in my account, but my Bellabox payment came out as I was deciding on my purchases, and I changed my mind on a dress so I ended up sticking to the $250 (with free postage to boot)

My Goodies the day I got them.

I don't have a full length mirror so I can't take selfies, I will try to in the future.
I'm unsure about the white heels, they're not really my style, and I got a pair of black wet look leggings and even though they were high waisted they did not fit at all. I'll see if I can exchange them.
Everything else fit perfect and I'm sah happy!
Love them new clothes feelings.

Let me know how you go!

With love,

Sn00z xx

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